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Why This Club? What do we aim to achieve by forming a community? 

The Tesla Owners Club abroad are an inspiration along with the whole Tesla Community(on twitter and overall). They are a great community. I hope to make a community that can push for EV and Solar awareness in India.

India has the world's most polluted cities. Can we live with that?

Not for long. Something needs to be done. All things can't be done by government. Our voices are needed to promote positive change.

Most people don't know anything about Electric Vehicles. They don't know about solar. Why? Because there is no awareness. Education about solar and EVs is essential.

We have to educate people about sustainable energy.

We need to tell people the positive impact on their lives. We have to help people understand why they should care. To care for themselves & for their future generations. To care for this Bharat Mata we all love. To care for this world. To care for this beautiful earth. 

What do we have to do? 

We have to create awareness. We have to research, collect available data online and share with all what we know on the importance of the shift to renewable resources. 

I am not saying that we can do it in all India or overnight. But what if we cause some change? What if even 2 people get solar because we educate them on the benefits? If it grows in numbers, imagine that small change becoming big.

We are not being compensated for promoting Tesla and sustainable energy; we want to help India and world. We will work for all environmental issues here.

This club is not just about Tesla. It is about Tesla's mission:

'To accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable energy'.

I could have named this club 'EV Club India' but Tesla provides a 'vehicle' for positive change for everyone. 

WE will support all EV. We will support all solar. With Tesla producing cheaper cars, I think that the Indian Customer will get the best of the technology. Other car manufacturers are under pressure to keep up with Tesla. This is good for our planet. 

Please participate on our blogs and forums. Put down your thoughts. Share them, tell them to world. Let's discuss these issues on the forums.

Let us get India to the top position on Change towards Renewable Energy. 

Thank you

Nikhil Chaudhary

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