Our Team

Nikhil Chaudhary, the Founder of Tesla Club India, is currently a student at University of Delhi. He aims to own a Tesla and get on a Starship to Mars one day. He wants India to embrace the Tesla's mission- To Accelerate the World's transition to sustainable energy. Every EV supported. 

Nikhil manages Club's twitter and instagram account. Communication on facebook, instagram are also managed by him. Hosts TCIN podcast and manages website.

Arun Bhat is Co-Founder of Tesla Club India since he joined Nikhil in his efforts.​ He is an April 2016 reservation holder for his Tesla Model 3 and a proud Hyundai Kona Electric owner. He is the Director of Krishi Group and this experience comes in handy for club. 


He is an Entrepreneur, Mechanical Engineer with keen interest in Robotics and Automation. He is a big fan of Elon and wants to help in advancing the advent of Sustainable energy and transportation in India.

Hariraj is the person behind our amateur YouTube video editing done for Tesla Club India :) . He loves learning all about EVs' and to stay alive and buy himself a beer every once in a while, he works as a Digital Data Analyst at a fancy firm. He shares his social media experience on Twitter and is experienced in Digital Branding. 

Abhijeet is currently a student in Bangalore. Huge fan of Elon Musk and Electric Vehicles. He believes in electric and green future of India.

​He manages news posting on facebook for club.

Medico. ZS EV Owner. He believe environment protection and rejuvenation begins with adoption of renewables and individual efforts.

Help manages Club's instagram. Co writer at club's monthly blog series Green EVolution and other blogs.

He is engineer at heart, loves quality product. Loves and believes in simple and elegant vision of Elon Musk. He helps Tesla Club India to spread awareness on EVs via Quora.

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Any Tesla logo is courtesy of Tesla. This is an Unofficial Tesla Club. Club Formed on March 7th, 2019

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