We Want Tesla, Don't We?

If answer is no, then what are you doing here?

It's time Elon knows that. It's been a long wait! Even considering "Elon Time"(waiting since 2016 Model 3 Reveal). 

It's time for Tesla India
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Let's Go 500!

We know CBU import will limit the market initially, but how about this?
Step 1 - Stationary Grid Scale battery storage project for Renewable Energy Projects.[1] [2] [3]
Step 2a - Powerwall & Solar(not solar roof), residential & industrial scale. (Remember Solar is cheapest in India & has a huge market.)
Step 2b - CKD Assembly of Model 3 & Y SR+.[Our Write Up in CleanTechnica on why it is feasible to enter India]
Step 3 - Local Production of Vehicles. Also bring a sub $25k vehicle. 
Please get in talks with Central & State Governments, Elon. 
We as Tesla reservation holders,  shareholders and enthusiasts in general would like to be of any help necessary to get Tesla into India. India needs Tesla. Elon, one cannot accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy and transportation by not taking along India, a country that constitutes 17% of global population and contributes 4.5% to global income (PPP terms). Tesla should be at the forefront of EV revolution in India, as it has been elsewhere in the world. Hope you agree!

It's time Elon. Atleast for a final solid answer.

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