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5000 KM Ather 450 Ownership Review

Shreyas Gupta crossed 5000 km mark on his Ather 450 & here is his review which he shared as a twitter thread and we are documenting it as a blog with his permission.

Hit 5,000 km on my Ather 450 over the weekend. Here’s how the past 10 months have been:

Issues faced till date:

  1. Multiple screen freezes. None of them affected the ride.

  2. Motor fan cover fell off, was fixed by the service team.

  3. Rear tyre got punctured twice, was fixed by service both the times.

  4. Charging cable conked off, was replaced under warranty.


  1. Amazing acceleration and overall performance.

  2. Amazing agility and maneuverability in traffic.

  3. Good amount of boot space.

  4. Good suspension and wheel travel for pothole ridden roads.

  5. Charges pretty quickly.

  6. No noticeable drop in range.

  7. No squeaks or rattles from any panel.

  8. Riding in rain is a bliss.

  9. Still turns heads.

  10. No vibration or noise while idling (realized this when rode an ICE last month).

Minor annoyances:

  1. Tyres deflate more frequently than I’d like.

  2. Lots of sharp edges around the handlebar area.

  3. Idle drain is about 10% daily.

  4. Network connectivity is a hit or miss throughout the city.

  5. Auto-brightness adjustment doesn’t work as expected.

Major annoyances:

  1. Seat design - Seat contour and shape is bad for taller riders. Pillion seat lacks cushioning.

  2. Mirrors - Shape of the mirrors cut-off blind spots. Never been able to adjust the mirror to my comfort.

  3. Headlight - Intensity & angle, both need improvement.


  1. Left it idle for 17 and 10 days, battery drained in both instances. Lesson Learnt: Shut-down vehicle before vacations.

  2. Forgot to charge once and was barely able to reach work. Vehicle died while climbing a multi-level car park. Lesson learnt: Charge daily.

Some Stats:

  1. Once rode 86 km with a pillion. Still had 17% range left at the end of the trip.

  2. Best efficiency on a long trip was about 115km/charge.

  3. Used Ather Grid at 6 locations: Ather Space, IBC KP, Nature’s Basket, Forum Shantiniketan, Phoenix Marketcity & Cafe Azzure

  4. Average speed in traffic is between 14-17 kmph.

  5. Average range per charge is 65km in ride and sport mode.

  6. Saved at least 15k in fuel and maintenance compared to using an ICE bike.

  7. Saved around 75k in comparable cab bills (Not that I'd use a cab for most things anyway).

  8. Approximate electricity usage = 250 kWh (Rs. 1500 worth, more than which got reimbursed).

What do I want for the next upgrade?

  1. Bigger wheels and better tyres: For the delightful B’lore roads.

  2. More power: Always.

  3. More range - For the longer weekend trips.

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