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Welcome to Tesla Club India. We are here to Help Accelerate the World's Transition to Sustainable Energy by Building a Community for the Future. We discuss new ideas, debate on important issues & continuously push to make the positive change towards adoption of EV and renewable energy at all levels. You can make a small contribution in the rEVolution. Fill the form below to register yourself as Tesla Product owner with the club & you will receive a certificate too. This membership is free to join. Join the Club & Tesla Owners India Community. We as a Club will push towards the Clean & Green future together. 

We welcome you to join us to enjoy these benefits : 

  •  Part of an awesome community

  • Access to online meets 

  • Access to exclusive Signal Group(Coming Soon)

  • Get your hands on future limited edition merchandise

  • Merchandise discount codes

  • Special Discount on Tesla Official Merchandise(after Club is Official)

  • Exclusive invites to Tesla branded events & Volunteer opportunities(after Club is Official)

Consider supporting the club by checking out our merchandise. We will use 100% profits for building EV Charging infra in the country.

*Club is unofficial as of now, as soon as Tesla enters India & we have 25 Owner members, we will work with Tesla to have the Club officially recognised.