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Charter of Demands for E Mobility in Delhi

Following suggestions were suggested to Jasmine Shah, Vice Chairperson DDC Delhi on E Nobility in a meeting today on Environmental issues. Accompanied by Aditya Dubey & others for raising environmental issues. Thank you Aditya for inviting me to attend the meeting.

  1. Govt to stop buying ICE buses from now doesn’t matter whether CNG or not.

  2. Scheduled phase out / conversion of current ICE buses to Electric by 2023 like china did in Shenzhen.

  3. Govt to stop buying ICE vehicle for its use from now.

  4. Scheduled phase out / conversion of govt ICE vehicles by 2024.

  5. Ban sales of new ICE 3w within a year by giving notice for few months.

  6. Scheduled phase out / conversion of ICE 3w by 2024.

  7. To stop registration of commercial 4w ICE taxis by 2021 allowing only EVs & scheduled phase out / conversion by 2024.

  8. Govt to set up few AC fast chargers at all offices.

  9. Mandating for current apartment societies/work places to allow EV chargers. Delhi EV policy states rules for new housing/work places. Should be mandated for current ones also.

  10. Mandating for malls, hospitals to reserve some space for EV charging.

  11. Public chargers to have overhead solar if possible

  12. Every vehicle as of now is getting pollution certificate, doesn’t matter how much one pollute. It should be implemented that a vehicle polluting above a limit either to be scrapped or if possible serviced properly or converted to EV.

  13. Mandating for every work place, schools, factories govt or private to have whole roof covered with solar as soon as possible.

  14. Checking on pollution by factories. Within few months every factory needs to be checked for their pollution.

  15. Construction of ICE exclusion zones in Delhi only allowing EVs & cycles.

  16. Yearly carbon tax on all ICE, using that fund to build more chargers or provide subsidies to EVs.

  17. Free parking for EVs everywhere for few years.

  18. Dedicated parking spots at metro stations for EVs, will be eye catching to people and hence inspiring.

  19. Explore possibility of street charging infra.

  20. Garbage pickup trucks to be electric.

  21. Only electric buses at airport.

  22. Idling of ICE vehicles to be banned.

  23. Making it illegal for ICE vehicles to park at a EV charging spot. EVs to be also fined when parked at charging spot and not charging.

  24. Odd even to be more frequent and PHEV & EVs to be excluded from it. Need to be considered that mild hybrids like offered by Maruti Suzuki shouldn’t get exemption.

  25. Charger request program for public places to measure demand as done in Amsterdam.

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