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Govt to Go SLOW on EV?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

So this news came that govt has decided to go slow on EV, so as to save ICE manufacturers from going in loss over current auto sales decline.

This has me upset and a bit mad over this decision.

Am I overreacting? Am I not understanding economics? Am I happy with job loss? NO. I had serious doubts when govt announced in 2017 that they would have 100% EV sales by 2030. Bcz we never adapt that fast(call me whatever). But I was happy that even if we achieved 50% it would still be good. And I appreciated this decision of aggressive deadline. Even Elon happily tweeted about it.

Recently govt reduced its deadline to 30% EV sale by 2030. Reducing goal by 70%! Well definitely not happy. Then goal of stopping 3w and 2w ICE sales by 2023 & 2025. That excited me. Aggressive and govt seems pushing to it by asking 2w manufacturers to do it even after they oppose. Now this decision of govt of NO DEADLINE FOR EV is frustrating. And maybe the plan of 3w-2w might also get late.

This is what I don't like. Why govt didn't prepared a solid plan at first? Why they made decisions of 100% EV sale by 2030? Wanting India to be a global EV hub and not having deadline and then going slow on EV? Let me know how it works. Still I request Govt to atleast set a deadline for luxury ICE vehicles. Also to consider it putting a cap on emissions of fleet of a vehicle manufacturers as are in EU and US so that manufactures have to produce some amount of less emission vehicles.

Going from 100% to nothing, if I won't call it a failure, what it is? And was govt ever intended to go hard on EV, bcz this decision put a question on intentions. Was this all to show off? I hope not. Still I appreciate govts recent decision of reducing GST on EV. Hoping all state govts would bring their respective policies to push EV also.

Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Nitin Gadkari, says EV will follow 'natural progression'. What is this natural progression for current ICE manufacturers? Would they want to shift to EV unless forced? NO. Then the govt would complain in next 10 year that India is not a hub for EV! Just tell the govt that its 'natural progression'.

"History has shown that you do not get anywhere with legacy industries without imposing dealines. And the problem is that without these deadlines it is the ones who try that suffer."- Comments JPR007.

This slowdown in ICE sales could be used as an opportunity by companies and govt to shift to EV. Whenever a change happens, some resists and there might be some effect of that change for a short period of time, but everything gets much better soon,

Now lets talk this. Here as per CNBC govt says if EV sales didn't increase they will rethink on subsidies. And also govt decided to go slow on EV. Second point it says if of improving quality. How can you expect to increase sales when neither of major 2w or 4w manufacturers has shown interest. Govt expecting sales of E verito and Tigor EV to be high? And with this recent decision to breathe ICE, companies would even further delay it. Hoping in 2w, Ather and Revolt would push it right.