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Green EVolution - January X 2021

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The new year has certainly brought a lot of new hopes for clean and sustainable future. Can you believe, it's already been a month and with that it's time for a new monthly Green EVolution blog: Culmination of all news related to EV and sustainability. As usual, follow along the headlines to learn more.

This month we broke the news of Tesla being incorporated in India on January 8th 2021.

Tesla has launched an extensive exercise to look for sites for the sale and marketing of its electric cars which will be imported initially. The company will speak to Tata Power and Adani Electric about charging facilities. Besides it will also seek charging facilities at Mumbai Port and Jawaharlal Nehru Port. The company has sought the intervention of the state government and the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation so that it can kick off its plan here.

After Tesla’s announcement to set up a R&D facility in Bengaluru and centres in five states, the Rajasthan government has also written a letter to the company offering land in Bhiwadi.

Highlighting the advantages of the region for setting up the proposed Tesla manufacturing plant in a letter to the Karnataka Chief Minister, Isaac Vas, President of KCCI, said Mangaluru has land, skilled manpower, an all-weather port and airport connectivity among other advantages.

The all-electric version of the Tata Nano has been spotted completely undisguised. Re-branded as the Jayem Neo, the electric car has been spotted more than 3 years after it was first announced. The Nano EV is powered by a 17.7 kWh battery pack that gives it an ARAI certified range of 203 km on a single charge. The car can reach a top speed of 85 km/h.

In 2020, we produced and delivered half a million vehicles, in line with our most recent guidance. In addition, Model Y production in Shanghai has begun, with deliveries expected to begin shortly: Tesla.

"REIL, a mini ratna company, has given contract for supply, installation and commissioning of over 4244 multi-standard EV charging stations with CCS, CHAdeMO, Type-2 and Bharat specification protocol across the country," the company said.!

Tesla Inc is searching for a design director in China, part of efforts to open a “full-function” studio in Shanghai or Beijing and design electric cars tailored to Chinese consumer tastes. Two of the sources said one likely “China-specific” model was a lower-cost volume generator such as a $25,000 electric car that Musk referred to at a Battery Day event in September, which he said Tesla might aim to bring to market in about three years.

Aakash and his wife Kaushal had several tricks up their sleeves to overcome range anxiety during their 300 km trip to Longewala in a Tata Nexon EV. Aakash and his wife, Kaushal, overcame range anxiety in their 300-kilometre trip to Longewala on the Indo-Pak border in a Tata Nexon EV. The couple covered a distance of 1,508 kms in four days.

Tesla is coming to India! While some in the country have waited over 5 years with a reservation, they will finally be able to configure and take delivery of their car. In this video Tesla Raj had a conversation with Arun and Nikhil from the Tesla Club of India to learn about what this means for Tesla and India!

Tesla has launched its own solar power inverter which completes its bouquet of home offerings alongside the PowerWall.

Tesla Motors Amsterdam is the parent company for Tesla Motors and Energy India, indicating that the Elon Musk-led electric car maker has used the tax-friendly jurisdiction of the Netherlands to route its India investment.

Tesla is renewing its industrial research partnership with the Jeff Dahn lab at Dalhousie University for a second five-year term, with preeminent lithium-ion battery scientist Dahn still at the helm

US President vowed to replace the U.S. government’s fleet of roughly 650,000 vehicles with electric models as the new administration shifts its focus toward clean-energy.

As per PIB Press Release, policy will go to states for consultation before being notified. it further notes that - "It is estimated that commercial vehicles, which constitute about 5% of the total vehicle fleet , contribute about 65-70% of total vehicular pollution. The older fleet, typically manufactured before the year 2000 constitute less that 1 % of the total fleet but contributes around 15% of total vehicular pollution. These older vehicles pollute 10-25 times more than modern vehicles."

Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) fourth-quarter and full-year earnings for 2020 saw the electric car maker post $10.7 billion in revenue. For the full year 2020, Tesla posted a $721 million GAAP net income, $2.5 billion non-GAAP net income. GAAP net income for the fourth quarter stands at $270 million, while non-GAAP net income for Q4 2020 stands at $903 million.

Tesla just announced its refreshed Model S today, and a new “Plaid” powertrain isn’t its only performance enhancement — the company claims the car can now compete with next-gen gaming consoles, thanks to a 10-teraflop gaming computer that will apparently come with every new model. Plaid+ will come with 520+miles of range & 1100+ horsepower.

The service uses all-electric Nanos built by Electra EV. The cars are equipped with a rooftop indicator. All one needs to do is flag down a car with a green rooftop indicator. To start the ride, the passenger has to give a missed call to a number provided in the vehicle.

"You may see Tesla and India in the news together more frequently as Tesla continues to make waves into its newest market. It may seem new, but I remember writing about this possibility back in 2019. On Twitter, I’ve watched Nikhil Birbhan continuously push for Elon Musk to bring Tesla into India for two years. In 2019, he wrote an open letter to Elon Musk on InsideEVs where he expressed his desire to bring Tesla into India." Click on link above to read the full article.


Some blogs from TCIN:

Club co founder & 2016 Model 3 reservation holder Arun Bhat S shares his view on what could be best path for Tesla to follow in India.

In this blog, we bust some myths surrounding India for EVs & Tesla.


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