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Letter to Niti Ayog on EV/Solar

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

* TCIN sent the below letter to PMO, MoRTH and Niti Ayog.

This is Nikhil Chaudhary, a student from Delhi University. I run an online EV community- Tesla Club India. We are community of 1.4k+ on twitter. We are much concerned over the increasing pollution caused by petrol/diesel run vehicles and climate crisis. The only solution that seems is the use of Electric Vehicles & Renewable Energy.

In this regard, we would like to put some suggestions for your kind consideration-

  1. India is seeing a boost in 2-wheeler EV. Ather Energy is doing good. And with more new comers like Revolt, Tork coming, 2w EV market would surely see a boost. And the plans of stopping sales of ICE 2w by 2025 is appreciable. Sir, conversion of current 2w-3w ICE to EV would surely be easier than 4w conversions. So, it would be better if major 2w-3w companies prepare EV conversion kits for their current 2w on roads.

  2. Another feasible measure in this direction can be removing or at least reducing import duty on EV for few years till manufacturers like Tesla, BYD, Hyundai, Kia can sort out manufacturing and supply chain. As seen in recent updates govt is working on battery production and other things, which is good. But allowing foreign companies would give EV a boost. So doing it for few years should be considered.

  3. Another step in this direction can be to provide 100 KW or higher capacity DC chargers for public charging station( as opposed to 20-25KW currently installed by govt).

  4. It would be better if govt makes it mandatory for every office, govt or private to have charging points at their offices for EV bikes and cars.

  5. Also making it mandatory for all apartment and society builders to install EV chargers at parking places can be good way. It would be better if govt makes it mandatory for every office, govt or private to have charging points at their offices for EV bikes and cars.

  6. Now systematic planning of DC fast charger at high density places in cities and along with all highways near restaurants and other places where people can rest. This would enable people long distance travel.

  7. All the charging stations should have overhead solar if possible at that area.

  8. Looking into companies who can setup street charging infra with current poles or normal setup would solve major problem of charging infra.

  9. For shared e mobility, OLA is pushing right. For private taxi owners, govt can make a rule not allowing any personal ICE to be registered as taxi after few years. Like 2023!

  10. Road Tax and toll tax for EVs should either be done away with or at least should be reduced. Some states have removed road tax.

  11. Govt should mandate all schools, private or public to have Solar all over the available roof in a given timeline. Also, all offices, govt or private should follow the same.

  12. Introduction of clean air zones in some areas of metro cities where low emission vehicles are free to enter but polluting vehicles need to pay an entry fee. This will not only encourage EV adoption but also reduce traffic congestion.

  13. We need to start reducing subsidies to fossil, oil and gas industry. A systematic decrement in that and transferring it to renewables instead. Giving that much subsidy to renewables would take them to a new height.

  14. Govt should mandate right now that every housing construction in country should have Rain water harvesting system.

While we definitely do not support govt’s recent decision to go slow on EV to breathe ICE manufacturers, because it’s perfect time to make the shift by manufacturers, we hope that govt would keep supporting renewables and EVs. Also on MoRTH’s remark of not having any dealine on EVs, we would like to know if the plans to ban ICE 2w sale by 2025 are at halt now?

This is submitted for your kind consideration.

Thank You

Nikhil Chaudhary

Tesla Club India

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