Making a case for an expedited General Assembly line for Tesla India

In continuation to my earlier blog addressed to Elon and Tesla, I have reworked out the benefits that Tesla can have with a small general assembly line and how the cost and economics of such a line may work out to be. Please indulge me here.

The general premise of this blog is to highlight the total addressable market change that can happen for current Tesla products that may be ideal for Indian market for 3 scenarios as I mention below. This doesn't include the possible inevitable introduction of the $20-25,000 Tesla in 2021-22.

Scenario 1: Completely built units being imported directly from either Fremont or Giga China-

To begin the process this will likely be the most easy way to start things in India for Tesla. Tesla being the inspirational brand it is I foresee it capturing a huge portion of the luxury car market which currently stands at 40,000 to 50,000 cars per year predominantly in the tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Me having owned a few of the German luxury cars prior to going electric can vouch to the exorbitant running and service costs (in some cases more than what it costs in US).

Below is the cost economics for CBU imports:

Note : Revenue is based on US CIF Value aka $36990 & $39990. Calculations are rough, as I might be unaware of some things.

I have assumed 3,000 Model3 SR+ and 7,500 Model Y SR+ for the entire year. Revenue at these sales figures will be upwards of $ 410 Million. Tesla's avg automotive gross margin being 20%+ , and considering a 5% cost of operation in a new country, the additional gross profit of entering India in year 1 can be ~$ 62 Million, not bad right?

Things get interesting if a small general assembly/SKD (semi knocked down)/CKD (completely knocked down) plant is setup. That is where scenario 2 and 3 come in picture.

Scenario 2: SKD Units being assembled locally in India without any part localisation -

SKD units assembly helps in bringing down the duty by half immediately from 66% to 33%, though the cost of setting up a local assembly plan will offset some of the benefits to begin with.

Below is the cost economics for SKD Local assembly: