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One Year of TCIN

It's hard to believe that TCIN™ Community is turning 1 today. Started on March 7th, 2019 after a random thought, after seeing Tesla Clubs worldwide, that I should start a Club here too. It has grown much faster than I thought. Much much faster. It took me 5 years on twitter to get 1000 followers, and here Club has 2500+ followers in under a year.

I was joined by Arun Bhat S , whom I met up on twitter, a 2016 Model 3 Reservation holder, Director Krishi Group , Co Founder TCIN. And I can't round up in words his support in helping build this club. His expertise in certain areas met by my enthusiasm and planning. That's some amazing match. I can be annoying at some times, but thank you Arun for bearing with me. I will be more mature in coming years.

It's different from what I imagined it will be. I didn't planned on what we are doing right now. Writing blogs, spreading info, being EV FUD Busters Inc. Well truth be said, I didn't planned much on how to do and what to do. It just kept happening. And it's amazing.

We have published 27 Blogs till now. This being the 28th. More to come!

We started a Monthly Blog Series- Green EVolution. Your comprehensive guide to Monthly EV & Clean Energy News. Check out on our blog page.

Supporting Tesla's Mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy, 'Every EV Supported'(until & unless it's really crappy one). One of our tagline. We have forum for Kona & ZS EV. Tesla is the best, no doubt, but they can't do it alone, so we support all EVs. That's what the Tesla Mission is.

Unexpected things happened. I didn't thought of having a presence in Indian EV Community. Didn't imagined that there would be such amazing TCIN Community. Being in connect with people all over India. Getting in contact with Let Me Breathe, PlugInIndia. Well here we are.

Lets take a look.

This was the start. Start of something I didn't expected.

The website wasn't even half of what it is today. lol.

About TCIN. Mission Statement.

Now this was seriously impressive. Hell of start?

Wow. Got a shock on reply from Riteish.

And if this shock wasn't enough -

Imagine your 250th followers as SVP. Holy shit! That day was crazy. You don't know how happy I was. Still amazes me.

And official CarandBike followed us. Was hard to believe that it's real life.

Well we attended a event too! Things were happening quick.

Another wow moment!

Some other journalists that follow us are - Sumant Banerji , Sirish Chandran , Pratik Rakshit . Thank you all for your support. Sorry if missed someone.

We got a critical reply from ELON MUSK too.

This was a shock. Phone notifications blown(well that wasn't the first one tho, but first time on club. Club got recognised by Elon!!).

Well helping clearing some EV Myths.....

Oh we started a Podcast also(rare one). Now also available on Spotify , Google Podcasts.


Attended Revolt Launch Event also

Was able to Meet Raftaar

Had a meeting with Jasmine Shah, VC DDC Delhi. Gave suggestions on E Mobility.

And Ather followed us!

Attended Ather 450X Launch Event

Got a chance to interview Ravneet Phokela & Arun From Ather Energy

WE did our first Event Meet Up ! Woohoo.


WE had 3 articles published in US EV Media houses(one just before club was formed). Gotta keep pushing for Tesla.

We will continue to push for E Mobility. We will fight FUD, doesn't matter who is spreading it. We will fight Big.

As of now we don't earn anything from TCIN™. All we are doing is with our enthusiasm with a aim to help bring rEVolution in India. Our blogs and forum will remain free forever no matter what.

We are Tesla Club India. Building a Community for Future.

Thanks to our Team at TCIN™ for all they do. Shout out to Atharva Karnik , Hariraj Rathod , Ganesh Satpute , Abhijeet Shalom . And all other members who keep helping us from time to time.

Huge thanks to Arun Bhat S for his support.

We are Social - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Youtube, Telegram, Reddit. Links are at end of page. Follow us there.

More exciting blogs are on the way. Don't follow to subscribe to our mailing list on home page. And check out existing blogs if you haven't.

We request you to engage on our forum . Use features 'Start a Discussion' & 'Ask a Question'. We have forum for General EV Discssuion , Solar Roof Top , Kona Electric , ZS EV , Model S , Model 3 , Model X , Model Y . Help us build a EV Forum in India.

Thank you to the amazing followers who continuously support us and engage with us.

Nikhil Chaudhary Founder TCIN™

Building a Community for Future

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