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Tesla Model Y : First Impressions

Hey Tesla family, Today I got a rare fortune of personally experiencing Tesla Model Y. Thanks to Tesla Owners Club Easy Bay for the introduction.

Note: This is not an objective report (such as measurements etc.) but much more perceptive. [TCIN Edit - Watch Tesla Raj 's video for detailed review ] My first impressions when I saw Model Y was that it was ‘bigger’. Model Y and Model 3 are same but different. When I first saw the car or entered into Model Y I was pleasantly surprised by how bigger it was. It is not as big as Model X but significantly roomy than Model 3. It also sits high which made entering and exiting the car much easier. For the most part Model Y feels like Model 3. Tesla carried much of what they have learned (and perfected) in Model 3 into production of Model Y. SEATS: I saw a 5-seater Model Y. The 7-seater is slated for production (hopefully) by the end of 2020. The back seats were not on rails so you cannot move them. But the back row is much spacious. I use two car seats in my Model 3 and after that not much space left in the middle if my wife ever wanted to sit between the kids. But, in Model Y that would not be a challenge. Since the car is bigger I assume when you put a rear facing car seat in the back seat it would not interfere with pushing the front row seats all the way back. I remember adjusting the EasyEntry in my Model 3 so it doesn’t go all the way back and hit the rear facing car seat. The rear seats in Model Y fold individually and they are not motorized. One thing I noticed was that back row seats fold much better when they are released using the two levers in the trunk than when they were folded using the levers on the back of the seats. ROOF: Ah, the roof. It is now one single glass from front to back, providing much better immersive experience for the back seat riders. I also noticed that the entire roof in Model Y is in one color, unlike some Model 3s with rear half UV coated. Although I could not test it, I assume the roof in Model Y is UV coated all the way. DOOR WINDOWS: Noticed that back door windows are black. Not sure if they are tinted but they are darker shade than front door windows. TRUNK SPACE: If you are used to Model 3 trunk space then you’ll love bigger, deeper Model Y trunk space. Mind you this is a 5-seater Model Y. I would think the trunk space is reduced in a 7-seater. AUTO TRUNK: It was relieving to see auto open/close trunk. CHROME DELETE: The chrome delete looked perfect and better than anything I have ever seen. Except for front and back Tesla logos everything else is chrome delete. CENTER CONSOLE: Visually the center console looks same as Model 3. Tesla is still going with glossy surface. I hope the CyberTruck at least will have matte finish so the dust wouldn’t show. WIRELESS CHARGING: It was great to see wireless charging in a brand new car. Tesla has used USB-A for factory provided wireless charging. You still can use USB-C for hard disk for sentry videos. FRUNK: Front is not motorized closing. Interestingly the struts for the frunk are hidden and connected by ‘C’ shaped metal arm. The frunk looked deeper. The frunk lid had lip that goes around the frunk. My theory is that since the frunk is much more curved (because of the peak height of the vehicle) in Model Y, Tesla came up with a lip to tight seal it. RIDE HEIGHT: Although I did not drive it, from sitting in driver seat I can immediately feel the height difference from Model 3. It should make long drives much more comfortable and enjoyable. My overall impressions are that if you do not have a Tesla or if you do but needed bigger space then I highly recommend Model Y. I know Tesla showrooms do not have Model Ys for test drives. If you would like to see in person or test drive a Model Y then reach out to our club and we can possibly provide you the experience. Cheers, Ram Gangisetty Co-Founder Tesla Owners Silicon Valley *Blog was originally published on Tesla Owners Silicon Valley.

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