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Where are chargers? But where are EVs?

So everyone is worried about charging network!

Did we have 60000 petrol pumps decades ago? No. They eventually grew.

If there hadn't been any demand there would have been no increase in stations. With EV in markets, charging infra will develop.

They aren't going to come overnight, they will come slowly. But what we need is a start! A START is all I am talking about. If we didn't start and just look for problems, not solution, then it can't happen.

Even US and china don't have 100% EV sale, but still they have a vast charging network.

People who have their own home here, should be the one shifting to EV first because they can home charge.

People discussing charging infra are missing point of overnight charging at home/apartment parking/ street parking. I don't think you would need charging in day time then.

Also important is charging at work place. Offices, private or govt, should be made mandatory to have charging point prioritizing those employees who can't home charge. I think a part of problem is solved.

What people here( in india) don't understand that you won't always have to charge at public charging points, like you can only fuel up at petrol pumps. Most of people in US do home charging or at work. Understand this.

What else needed is charging at parking spaces. Malls, hospital, general public parking. Everywhere. Not a hard thing to do. But we have to start. Demand it. They aren't going to build it if we don't ask them. Hotels in other countries show that they have charging points.

Tourist destinations should have charging points. Would attract people.

Along with this, systematic deployment of DC fast chargers at highways near facilities like restaurants.

Those arguing that who would do it, I don't think they have heard of companies like ionity, charge point. So ecosystem will develop. But we need to start.

Some so called journo argued he park on street. And is said to have visited Norway. If he had I am sure he must have seen street charging and how it can be done. He said so he should steal electricity, idk if people in Norway steal it or not. There is a system to bill people. It can be done here too, but not if we don't look for solution.

And all this isn't going to drop in a day like 60000 petrol pump didn't came into existence overnight. We need to start.

One point I would want to highlight to Govt is on deployment on DC fast chargers. Currently they are of capacity 20-25Kw. Sir that is low. Please atleast have installation of 100kw and if possible 150-200kw. Or we would have to spend again in future on upgrade.

Who will put chargers? Companies. Auto manufacturers. Special companies like charge point, ionity. Utility companies.


And yes power source! That is also important. That would need large scale projects. And people with home can have solar to charge. All chargers should have overhead solar. That alone won't be enough, but it would help. Am sure govt is also looking into it.

All my point of saying this was that EV Charging infra will follow up, but we first need EVs. Or you can say we need both to start. BUT WE SURELY NEED TO START, NO MATTER WHAT.

Nikhil Chaudhary

Tesla Club India

Building a Community for Future

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Kamlesh Mallick
Kamlesh Mallick
17 нояб. 2019 г.

Good points. Well done.

Regarding this

“ Most of people in US do home charging or at work. Understand this.”

And the thousands of happy EV owners in India too

do the same :)

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