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Experience of Installing Charger in a Apartment

We recently bought the MG ZS EV. And here is my short experience of having charger installed.

Get a new meter (If you have option for a subsidised meter) or upgrade your current one. Do this first as this will take the longest. In Maharashtra you can apply online. You will need proof documents and few pages from home/apartment agreement. Take care of following things while applying -

Cost of installation- ₹11k. Waiting time - Your luck. Charger is Delta AC Fast charger provided and installed by MG.

Then go and book the car. Cost: Whatever it takes. Waiting time : again Your luck. Anyway EVs for the win.

Now while you are waiting for the meter and the cargo, scour the Internet (pester Tesla Club India ) for all info possible on the car's charging and maintenance and running cost and everything under the sky.

Then when finally after an eternity of waiting and having drained the internet of all Info, when your charger finally arrives, rejoice because your wait has just begun.

Installation of our charger took 12hrs, I know it's a long time but it was worth the wait, also kudos to eChargeBays for sticking with it and completing the job in a single day. They were also prompt in coming for site survey and Delta app handover pre and post installation respectively.

This was still just an ideal case timeline of how it should go. For our actual timeline of buying the MG ZS EV, stick around.

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If you have any queries regarding installation of chargers, contact me at , I might be able to help.

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