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India Did it for Internet, Can Do The Same for EVs

Allow us(again) to answer the most asked question, 'Where is Charging Infra?'.

It exists, but isn't being utilised.

Let's look at past of Indian technology revolution.

Internet started making inroads to India in early 90s. Back then main two telecom providers BSNL & MTNL themselves didn't provide internet. This was provided by private companies like Satyam and few others who get Connection from VSNL. These ISPs would charge a premium for dial up based on usage and time limits.

Then MTNL did something amazing. They owned the telephone infrastructure which was beng monetized by the ISPs. They themselves became an ISP, providing simple 56kbps dialup service for free...well almost.

They provided a number you could dial up to. No account registration required. No upfront payment required. You paid only for phone line usage by the minute same as ordinary local call. This literally made internet cheap and more accessible.

Fast forward to modern day and now we don't even think twice about how hard internet was back in those days, now that there are more private players providing faster services where internet is expected to be a default feature.

How does this relate to EVs? Like the telephone infrastructure that MTNL wasn't utilising for internet, but was allowing 3rd parties to provide the services. Electric infrastructure currently exists all over the country and infrastructure providers are relying on 3rd parties.

The Electricity boards themselves aren't ready yet or do not realise the revenue potential like MTNL didn't back then, until one day someone decided to open up a dial up number.

As has been seen with case of Ubitricity (EU) every lamp post is a potential chargepoint. If existing lamp post/electricity polls are modified or future ones are fitted with a Type 2 socket, then electricity company is ready to provide PAYG charging access to anyone with a EV.

We even have these tech in India, its not hard.

At AutoExpo2020

It's all about will. Everything can be done.

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