Elon Announces Timeline for Tesla in India

So we have a fascinating Model Y launch today. It was history lesson more rather than a launch. haha. Not me. Elon said this.

So someone asked elon on when tesla in India?

I doubt if they will be this year. Most probably mid next year or end. He might surprise us this year. But have to be seen if this tweet by him was in Elon Standard Time or Human Time.

I have lot of questions and suggestions on how they should be here. But they can have start here by selling to rich dudes. For being mass market here they need a strategy. And mass market tesla is still years away. And can't achieved until local production starts.

So how they should set up the base in India?

Well wait for my next blog in few days as I do a bit of research in my next week holiday!

And am so so happy that he responded. But a bit said that my article to him might have gone unnoticed.

But atleast someone got noticed on India. And am excited for them to be here. Can't wait. But want to wait till they get more cheaper models here. So much on their plates right now, so I doubt they will make India a priority as of now. Tesla will be good in few years here for sure. India is just getting start in EV infra. That said tesla should start Tesla Energy unit now. Lot of potential in solar. Better do a GF first.

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