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My Thoughts on Tesla from an Indian Perspective

We all see that Tesla is the center of the universe for almost every EV lover(even haters too). There are multiple reasons, and most probably if you are aware of Tesla, you know some of them! Here I am going to focus on Tesla's future in India/with India. As we all know Elon shocked us with -"Next year for sure". Needless to say we are all excited.

Elon has previously stated some issues regarding Tesla's entry to the Indian market, but things are now looking good for Tesla's entry. Karnataka govt has also been reported to be in talks with Tesla over a potential R&D centre and Gigafactory.

Tesla's entry in Indian Market will not only revolutionize the Indian electric vehicle sector but also Solar & Energy Storage sector, which might even be bigger than Tesla's vehicle business. Large Solar tenders are always being released and Tesla surely can grab a part of it in future. Energy Storage is also getting started.

Let us take a look at comprehensive view for Tesla in Indian automobile and transportation sector. Keep in mind the word 'transportation'.

S3XY shouldn't require any introduction if you are here. But I want to discuss about the Tesla Model 3 and the upcoming $25k car.

Tesla Model 3 could give a perfect start to Tesla in Indian EV sector because of the value it provides at the cost. Hopes are really high between Indian EV lovers regarding Model 3. In 2016 many Indians reserved model 3 who are waiting till now (hopefully not much now).

The $25k upcoming compact Tesla car model is exciting. We should be able to see it in about 3-4 years. But the way Tesla has been under promising and over delivering, maybe even before that.

Another question is out there is if the $25k model is enough for India? Well mostly yes. The ICE sales of vehicles in the price range is increasing, so shouldn't be a problem with Tesla. Once you realise the fuel and maintenance savings, it will even grab the market from lower priced vehicles.

Let's look at transportation. Tesla Semi is one of most advanced truck. We all can imagine future of Tesla; it won't be the same as it seems today. Semi is going to play a big role, for company as well as mission. A bit smaller sized Semi for here would be perfect having range of around 400km. A Tesla bus would rock too.

Tesla bike would make perfect sense for market as well as company. It's huge. People would jump on it because it's a Tesla. And we need bikes too. They are not going anywhere, so why not do Electric! However, Elon has in the past that he does not wish to do bikes as he had a near death experience with them; but business plans are usually dictated by market demands. We can only hope that they eventually see the potential for 2 wheelers in this market.

Indian EV market is only going to grow. And contrary to the views of the West, it's going to be big for Tesla too. If executed correctly, Tesla Energy will be Huge.

These were my quick thoughts as team prepare for our next bit detailed article!

Sharad Patel

Team Tesla Club India

Building a Community for Future


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