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Ownership Review of Revolt RV400

This is an owner’s review of the Revolt RV400 electric bike by Aakash Gupta. Delivered on 15 October 2019 and was among the first few to get it. The review comprises of

- Buying Experience

- Performance, Comfort and Range

- Mobile Application

- Swapping Facility

- Economics of owning the bike

- Conclusion

Buying Experience

I was looking on YouTube for some tutorial videos on 28 August 2019 when I came across the live stream of Revolt launch event. I was not looking for a bike back then but just out of curiosity watched the entire video and like everyone was surprised by battery warranty and MRP (My Revolt Plan) which is basically a loan from their financial partner and includes maintenance. Went to the showroom (Preet Vihar, Delhi) the very next day while returning from college.

Saw the bike there for the very first time. But test drives were to start next day so just sat on it, checked the posture, weight and looks. Liked it so went ahead to book one after permission from home for Rs3999. I booked red colour but later changed to black. Was initially told 10-15 days’ time for delivery but that did not happen. Simultaneously I was asked to complete KYC for the loan of 1,10,615 from Rattan India Finance, during the launch event Rahul Sharma said just Aadhar card is needed and even students can buy but when I started the KYC procedure I got to know that students can not buy and that it was a typical loan procedure involving lot of paper work. Thus, had to transfer booking to my Mother’s name for the loan. I visited the hub after 6 days with all the paper work and also took the test drive that day.