Why Elon Musk, Tesla, Space(X) and MARS excite me?

Guessing why that X is in brackets? Well I am excited by both Space & SpaceX.

Lets first talk TESLA. The company many are betting to fail on. Many like me are wishing and helping them succeed.

Tesla was not started by Elon. Well it is built and taken care by thousands of workers under Elon’s leadership. So its basically started by elon.

Tesla has a clear goal with the tagline “To Accelerate The World’s Transition to Sustainable Energy”. Its enough to excite me. And till now they have proved that they are damn serious on this. They have proved that they are not just doing it for money.

Yes I have a Tesla account even tho they are not here

Elon has taken the risks that anyone would very rarely have taken. Pouring his all net worth’s in the companies to keep them alive and living on rent. Ah its not that easy. It seems to some that they could have done it, but no. Its not easy to be a millionaire and then opening companies that barely have chanced to survive and no one else till then have survived.

Tesla showed the world new path. Well most importantly they worked on that path. They showed that its possible. A few EV’s do exist before Tesla, but were they famous? Were they mass adopted? No. WHY? Because they were not made with intention of being mass market. They made ICEV look nice and EV looked bad.

Tesla rEVolutionized this. They changed the mindset that EV are ugly, no proper use, not acceptable. To be real they have revolutionized the car industry. They have set high and good standards for those who want to compete. And its for people’s benefit at the end because other will also try to bring good EV now. They made sure EV to be S,3,X,Y. But before that they proved EV to be worth it. Thanks to the original roadster. It still can beat many cars in 0-60! That’s the engineering.

They revolutionized the technology. The car tech, the battery tech and solar tech now. They made cars the Real 21st century one. To the people who have driven tesla, ICEV seems as 20th century. So while we are living in 21st why we are using 20th? Lets all get to it.

What Tesla did that make it like 21st century one? They redesigned the car. They built a pure EV not a EV that just has its battery in place of engine. They engineered the EV like no other. The skateboard plateform. The frunk (checkout #frunkpuppyfriday). They redesigned the interior. Some may disagree but too much buttons are not cool now as the phone with buttons are not. Yes agree that all functions in screen are not good. Tesla should have wiper functions from stalker and mirror folding button on driver door. I would prefer them there.

Another reason to love Tesla. It being the safest car! And not just from tests, it has been proved in real life. Now some will give example of that model X on highway, I know but you know how many ICEV crashes like that daily and how many deaths occurs from them? Model X has least roll over possibility instead of being SUV. Model S broke the consumer rating’s system and scored 103 out of 100! Got 5.4 stars out of 5. Broke NHTSA roof testing machine.

Tesla improves over time! Yup. Surprised? Yes if you don’t know tesla. Tesla regularly send update over the air and FREE of cost. Even the first S that was built also gets OTA. No one has done it till now, some may start doing it now. Isn’t it cool to wake up and see your car has got some new feature? Isn’t it good to wake up and see that your car is bit more safer now? You found dash cam inbuilt. You got PIN to drive. You will be getting Sentry mode.

Autopilot! How can one forget it? Nope. Have in mind that its not self driving. Autopilot is an intelligent driver assist system. But much much better than other. It has its problems but it is getting better day by day. It improves daily. Ya daily. How? Neuralnet. One day hopefully it will be Self Driving. Isn’t it great to get it as an update. Till now other companies charge you for an update and you needed to go to dealer. But not with Tesla.

Tesla is most fun car one can get, no one can deny. Wouldn’t you love to play games in car while sitting alone. Fart, romance mode! That’s hot. Isn’t it? So what else needed? An update to darken the windows when romance mode is on..haha.

Image by @dogsoftesla

Not being a blind fan boy, I would like to give a healthy criticism. I accept tesla has some problem in service and handling used cars sale. I hope they will be solved soon. They have to. I would like Tesla to have Pre owned certified car program open again. Tesla, a bit care before putting used car to sales would save you much time and money that you will spend on them if you don’t pre check them.

Elon is open to positive criticism. Consumer reports reported about braking distance of model 3, Elon accepted and sent a… OTA, yeah not recall. Problem with them is that they receive tremendous amount of negative criticism. The mainstream media seems to be just opposing them.

Earl Banning rightly points out how media reports. Tesla workers are ‘cut’ or ‘slashed’. Apple workers are dismissed. Like school is out for summer! Dismissed!

There is army of haters and shorts out there who’s only motive is to spread negative. They even bring out negative from the positive. I don’t know what SEC is doing.

Remember Tesla death watch?

Some say we are blind fan boys, yes we have to be to fight against FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) . Yes I have to be biased for Tesla, because the force that is fighting against Tesla is a big one. There are big corporate houses.

Every Tesla thing gets noticed. Why? Because it is related to Elon. One Tesla out of thousands catching fire gets an national coverage while those many ICEV burning, no one asks. Other companies recalls over takata air bag issue, ok. Tesla recalls over same issue, woohoo tesla in big trouble. GM closes plants and lay off 15% workforce, it is called company streamlining itself. Tesla does 7% layoff, it’s the sign of bankruptcy. There are hundreds of other examples to point out. I can keep going on. Thing to say is that don’t be biased so much against one that others have to get biased for him. Its in harm for all. And yeah those Shorts theory failing many times which results in downfall of stock when they come out, shouldn’t SEC do something?

And here is another one. Verizon cutting off 7% staff and the article shows a Tesla in it!!

What people are not understanding is that Tesla is not just a company it’s a mission. Mission to help make world a better place. Elon doesn’t ask you to buy Tesla, he asks you to buy EV. He wants other to build EV also. You still doubt his intentions? Tesla has its all patents open to all for use. Who will do it?

And if climate change still doesn’t worries you, Earth was heating up at rate of 4 Hiroshima per sec in 2013! More now.

I love the Tesla community. It has connected me to so many awesome people like Earl Banning, RaineyCameros, Elisabeth, Besnyol, Sunil, Daniel, IEWT, Manic Marge, John Connell, Julissa, Lisa, CT, Ram, Raj and many more. Sorry to those who’s name I couldn’t write. Oh, I gotta include Mojo Susan. Surprised me recently as hell. The Tesla owner clubs are so awesome. The SV, Model 3 owners and all other. One great thing about tesla community is that once you are in it, whole community is your family. If you have a problem whole community comes for you. Need example? That old man from Netherland who’s bucket wish was to once drive a Tesla. Once the Tesla community got to know about it, they came to meet him. Not just 1 or 2. More than 20. That’s our power. Even if you know a few from tesla community, the whole community will back you. Because we love and care for each other.

And hey I love Bollinger motors too! And why not when the CEO Robert follow’s me! Best wishes to you too. And hey Elon, if you are reading this please respond to them on their request to use Tesla Supercharger.

Lets talk Space, SpaceX and Mars now.

Space has always been fascinating to nerds. Its just exciting. Those stars out there, the galaxies they all open excitement. Why space is exciting? Just because it is. It gives new hope. It provide a reason for something that you should look forward. It gives a reason to live. Since I was child I am noticing Venus, Mars and the brightest star. I used to get out of home just to see them. I still try to, but the light pollution!!. I am afraid future generation will not be able to see it like I did. Now you have to find location where you can see the Milky Way. I prefer to be in village because the sky is so much clear there and I can keep noticing sky.

Elon rightly said life can’t be just solving another miserable problem after another. And he is totally correct. That’s not what life is. Life is something to look and go ahead. Solving problem is one of that thing.

I don’t remember how old I was when I got to know that US went to moon in 1969, but I was amazed wow they went on moon. What they did there? What did they find there? What are they doing there now?But I didn’t knew that they don’t go anymore. I was small child at that time! When I get to know we don’t go there anymore, I was like why? They should. If they can go then, they can go now too. The Space Shuttle launch was exciting to hear about in news.

As said by Elon there is a negative trendline for it. First to moon, then just to low earth orbit, and then not even that.

Then Elon comes and starts a rocket company and the dead dream seems to be alive again. The guy who started the company with motivation to go to Mars, don’t bet against him.

To be noted that he received tremendous amount of criticism here also. His own ideal Neil Armstrong opposed the commercial Space programs. At a time even Neil deGrasse Tyson was against him. But he now supports him. Elon was literally at verge of crying when Neil A said that. But he responded on his 3rd failure that I will Never Give Up ever, either I have to be dead or completely incapacitated. And he proved them wrong. The falcon 9 CRS 7 failure on his birthday in 2015 was reported so negatively by media. Someone in ‘MARS : Inside SpaceX’ said lots of rockets fail everytime, but only time everybody notices is when SpaceX rocket fails. And they were treated like they will fail forever. Its because world has focus on them as they are trying to do what no one else. They are the only one really trying to get to mars.

MARS! What’s so special about it? It’s the closest planet that can be habitable and has almost all resources to support life.

The key to mars is reusability. Elon knows. Rockets are so expensive to build. And after a use they are thrown. Total waste of resource and money. What SpaceX did is that they tried to make rockets reusable. And they are successful in it. Now its more exciting to see those falcons land.

They launched the current world’s biggest rocket on earth last year the 7thfeb. And that’s the launch I can never forget. He made it interesting. He launched his personal Tesla Roadster! Oh wow. That was one of best moment of my life. And it gives humanity more hope. It again made space interesting. I have watch the documentary ‘MARS : Inside SpaceX’ nearly 5-6 times. And whenever I am depressed I again watch it. Thank you Elon for all you have been doing.

With new BFR or now called starships, SpaceX aims at full reusability. The starship hopper, test vehicle is getting ready. And at pace they are getting it, that’s pretty exciting. And it is more exciting to know that within 2 year the full scale starships and super heavy will be ready and will go to space. Going to moon/mars in just few years!!!!! Now that’s it.

Isn’t it exciting to know that people can see a base on mars in their lifetime. If all goes well SpaceX plans to send human by 2024! Elon time… Yeah, but its no problem even if they send human by 2030, I will be 30 then. Still I will see base on mars in my lifetime and if all goes well may be I will be there one day! Who knows.Don’t Panic!

SpaceX is aiming to complete this dream of going to space affordably. Thanks to NASA, ESA, ISRO, CNSA and other agencies for all their research in space exploration which has told us so much about universe.

Mars provide a place to explore. I like to explore. Even thinking of exploring mars fills me with excitement. Assume if I happens to have a chance to be there.

Actually whole universe fills me with excitement. Sometimes I think how big this universe is. How many galaxies. Does it have a end? How long can we keep going out there and it will continue! If there is no end then how can it be? If there is end, then what’s ahead of that? It just can’t be like a wall there. or it is? What lies ahead of it! It just blows mind with possibilities. All this fills with enthusiasm.

Or its just a simulation! Maybe the answer is 42.

About me-

I am Nikhil Chaudhary. Studying in University of Delhi, India. Love Tech, Cars, Universe, Nature, and of course Tesla too! Inspired by Elon Musk.

Would be saving for a Tesla or Mars Ticket. #OccupyMars

Founder and CEO Unofficial Tesla Club India.

CFO Unofficial Tesla Owners of Mars

Setting up trend #TeslaTuesday .

Member #frunkpuppy board. 

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