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Why Elon Musk, Tesla, Space(X) and MARS excite me?

Guessing why that X is in brackets? Well I am excited by both Space & SpaceX.

Lets first talk TESLA. The company many are betting to fail on. Many like me are wishing and helping them succeed.

Tesla was not started by Elon. Well it is built and taken care by thousands of workers under Elon’s leadership. So its basically started by elon.

Tesla has a clear goal with the tagline “To Accelerate The World’s Transition to Sustainable Energy”. Its enough to excite me. And till now they have proved that they are damn serious on this. They have proved that they are not just doing it for money.

Yes I have a Tesla account even tho they are not here

Elon has taken the risks that anyone would very rarely have taken. Pouring his all net worth’s in the companies to keep them alive and living on rent. Ah its not that easy. It seems to some that they could have done it, but no. Its not easy to be a millionaire and then opening companies that barely have chanced to survive and no one else till then have survived.

Tesla showed the world new path. Well most importantly they worked on that path. They showed that its possible. A few EV’s do exist before Tesla, but were they famous? Were they mass adopted? No. WHY? Because they were not made with intention of being mass market. They made ICEV look nice and EV looked bad.

Tesla rEVolutionized this. They changed the mindset that EV are ugly, no proper use, not acceptable. To be real they have revolutionized the car industry. They have set high and good standards for those who want to compete. And its for people’s benefit at the end because other will also try to bring good EV now. They made sure EV to be S,3,X,Y. But before that they proved EV to be worth it. Thanks to the original roadster. It still can beat many cars in 0-60! That’s the engineering.

They revolutionized the technology. The car tech, the battery tech and solar tech now. They made cars the Real 21st century one. To the people who have driven tesla, ICEV seems as 20th century. So while we are living in 21st why we are using 20th? Lets all get to it.

What Tesla did that make it like 21st century one? They redesigned the car. They built a pure EV not a EV that just has its battery in place of engine. They engineered the EV like no other. The skateboard plateform. The frunk (checkout #frunkpuppyfriday). They redesigned the interior. Some may disagree but too much buttons are not cool now as the phone with buttons are not. Yes agree that all functions in screen are not good. Tesla should have wiper functions from stalker and mirror folding button on driver door. I would prefer them there.